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Morph is a London based creative consultancy established by Bill Holding and Ben Cox in 1999. Since then the breadth of clients and projects undertaken grew steadily, with Morph evolving into a versatile, multi-discipline company who bring their unique approach to projects across the spectrum from product design to graphic artwork.

Whether it is new or improved overall function, a re-imagining, or understated details, the focus is always to bring original and innovative ideas to whatever the subject matter may be. It is these characteristics which have lead Morph to work with such a diverse range of international clients and establish their reputation in the creative industry.

Morph is always looking to bring their experience to new projects, and always tailor their services to individual client’s needs.



The “Pod” rattan sofa and armchair were the first designs by Morph to go into production for Habitat back in 1999 when it was under the creative direction of Tom Dixon, who were to become long-standing clients for years to come. Over our time working for Habitat we worked on countless projects in various categories, which even went on to include illustration for use in their packaging.

During these early years, Morph were also working for a number of other companies and independent designers such as Michael Young and Michael Sodeau.


It was during our time working for Tom Dixon at Habitat, that he introduced us to Peter Saville, who was exploring an idea for an album cover which lent itself to our expertise. This was to be the beginning of a collaboration, which has produced work regularly ever since, with the “Unknown Pleasures 2003” artwork (pictured opposite) being one of the most recognisable.


Having gained exposure working with Peter Saville, we begun to get approached by various branding and graphic design companies who were looking to bring a fresh approach to a range of different subject matter, such as logo’s and corporate identity. One of many of these examples is the original “Glass” Sky Television logo we developed with VentureThree back in 2003.


After working on a multitude of furniture designs during our time at Habitat, we started working on exclusive designs for other companies including the newly established Modus Furniture, for whom we designed the 10 Degrees Stool, which is still in production today.


Following on from our 2003 reinterpretation of Joy Division’s ‘Unknown Pleasures’ album cover, 2005 saw us again collaborate with Peter Saville, this time to create the artwork for the cover of New Order’s ‘Singles’ album, which was an alternative take on their True Faith 12″ (1987) cover. A number of variations of the leaf artwork were also used for a companion series of 12″ vinyl EPs.


Joseph Joseph had only been going for a few years when we were approached to design some kitchenware products for them, the first of which was the Melamine Breadbin. This was to become what was the first of many designs we produced for them, in a relationship that continues to this day, and over this time we have made an invaluable contribution towards establishing their identity for innovative design.


The original version of the now-iconic “Nest” set we designed for Joseph Joseph is launched in 2008. This sold very successfully worldwide over a four-year period until its eventual re-design, which saw the release of the new and improved Nest Plus in 2012.


Our association with the Factory Records legacy continued to grow, when for the 25th Anniversary of the Hacienda we worked with the original architect Ben Kelly, using contemporary methods to faithfully rebuild the architecture from the original plans, as a 3D computer-based model. From this, we went on to produce a series of prints which were sold to commemorate the anniversary.


Having worked extensively in the field of kitchenware design for Joseph Joseph, in 2009 we were approached by Jamie Oliver to design for his newly established brand Jme, which in 2012 went on to include our collaboration with the in-house design team at Philips to design the range of his kitchen appliances.


In 2015 we worked with Peter Saville to develop the visual identity for the Tate Modern, to coincide with its relaunch celebrating the newly opened building extension by the architects Herzog & de Meuron.


This year saw us develop this one-off marble version of CP1919 with Peter Saville titled “In Memoriam”, which was commissioned for the “Set in Stone” exhibition curated by Guta Moura Guedes. Set in Stone presented 20 works in Portuguese Stone in an installation made especially for The Design Museum.


Following on from the success of the original Nest™ Storage which we designed for Joseph Joseph back in 2014, we developed the concept further resulting in the ultimate storage solution Nest™ Lock.


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