Product: “Little Cook” Toy Range – Nest™ / Bake / Extend
Client: Casdon + Joseph Joseph

“Bear with us a second – we can’t stop staring at this colourful masterpiece! Who knew a food preparation set could look so appealing?!

The Joseph Joseph Nest 9 looks and works just like the real thing, featuring nine different kitchen tools for non-stop cooking and baking. With five interlocking measuring cups (you will find units labelled on the base of each cup), a medium mixing bowl, large mixing bowl, mesh sieve and colander to play with, it’s safe to say that kitchen roleplay just got a MASSIVE upgrade! Little ones won’t know where to begin!

If having an endless supply of tools to play with wasn’t enough, each piece neatly interlocks into the other, creating a conveniently compact rainbow. This is not only super practical but incredibly fun to sort, too! The team at Joseph Joseph really know how to inject fun into the kitchen at any given opportunity!

Little chefs can make whatever they like with this set on their side – so much so that they’ll never want to leave the kitchen!

No batteries required. Suitable for ages 3+.

– Casdon

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