Title: Tate Modern Merchandise
Client: Peter Saville, and Tate Modern

Here are some examples of the merchandise produced for the Tate Modern Shop, based on the new visual identity for Tate Modern, which we created with Peter Saville to coincide with the re-launch and opening of the new extension designed by Herzog & de Meuron.

“Peter Saville’s three-dimensional interpretation of Tate Modern marks the opening of the gallery in it’s new form on 17th June 2016. The opening of a major extension to the original museum would be a cause for celebration in itself, but the purpose of the commission, an image to work across Tate communications, was to convey the message that the larger building is a single entity with new parts that are a natural growth from the original. The composition has a vitality and sense of movement that express this evolution. Originally conceived as a digital sequence from which a multiplicity of views could be derived the work has a sense of being experiential as the viewpoint moves around the building. The success of the digital image led Saville to make a three dimensional version”

– Tate Modern

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