Product: Wash&Drain™ Plus
Client: Joseph Joseph

After the success of the original Wash&Drain, Morph have added this new version which is ideal for compact kitchens, and designed exclusively for Joseph Joseph.

“This versatile sink set includes a version of our popular Wash&Drain™ washing up bowl plus a removable dish-rack and cutlery holder for washing and drying your dishes efficiently.

Wash&Drain™ is a simple but smart washing up basin that comes with its own plug so water can be easily drained away without having to lift and tip it out. The plug can also be used as a strainer to stop food blockages in your kitchen sink. The large carry handles make it easy to transport- perfect for cleaning other areas of the house or washing dishes anywhere.
The removable dishrack and cutlery pot can either be used separately on your draining board or inside the washing up bowl to save space. The cutlery pot can also be placed anywhere on the dishrack.

All elements of the set can be stacked together for easy storage.

– Joseph Joseph

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